Be a Hero for kids

Jesus didn’t come to earth so we could live a perfect story. Jesus came to earth so we could live a better story. A story not limited by past failures or paralyzed by the unknowns of the future. A story deeply rooted in forgiveness, redemption and grace. Our story not just about us, it also influences, shapes, and gives form to the next generation.

Our Children and Student ministries numbers have almost doubled in the last year. The hard work of our staff, and volunteers, coupled with the opening of additional space has seen amazing results.


What might be our next steps to reach our community with the hope of Jesus Christ? What might be next for our church to reach students and children at a level that has never been possible before? The path to the next decade begins today.


How can you be a hero to students and children? Not just in Maricopa, but around the world?

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Next Steps begin today

 Pay off our current outstanding non secured debt. $80,000 in the next 6 months     

Continue to support the current staff for children’s and student ministry. $30,000 next 2 years

Continue to reach families at a high level in our community through outreach events, groups, and trips. $34,000 next 2 years

 Impact children around the world. 10% of all funds raise will be given away to our ministry partners to impact children directly. $16,000 over the next 2 years

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 Grand total of $160,000 over the next 2 years

Our Story Continues

We have been on a journey for almost 15 years, but in many ways, our story is just beginning.