Families and children

Welcome to Hope for Kids!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about children’s ministry here at Community of Hope Church.  Our goal is to partner with parents to empower kids to be passionatecontagious, and lifelong followers of Jesus Christ!


Our programs are fun and high energy- reaching kids of all ages in a loving Christ-centered environment! 

Classes for children from Birth to 5th grade meet during our adult gathering time at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. 

We also provide events and camps throughout the year that foster spiritual growth in kids as they discover the Truth of God’s Word and develop a personal relationship with Him!

We use a curriculum developed by the re-Think group, called Orange. It sets the stage for gaining Biblical knowledge, engaging in our community and world, making new friends, and developing a life-long relationship with Jesus!

If you combine the heart of the family (red)  with the light of the church (yellow), you will make a greater impact. Heart of the family(red) + light of the church(yellow) = Orange

Two combined influences make a greater impact than just one influence. We are here to help you guide your children in developing their spiritual life. 

Contact us:
Elementary Sam@cohmaricopa.com
Preschool Lisa@cohmaricopa.com


Elev8 Student Ministry believes that community is an essential part of our faith.

Our students meet during our Sunday services.

 6-8th grade takes place at 9:30 am

 9-12th grade takes place at 11:00 am

                 We also offer small group opportunities throughout the week.

We encourage each student to begin, and live in an intimate relationship with God that will last a lifetime.

We do this by:

Connect - Through cultivating authentic relationships with God, ourselves and others.

Participate - In small groups, large groups, & Bible Study to awaken spiritually and personalize Biblical truths.

Move - From learning about, to living out the Gospel through discovery, development and practice of our spiritual gifts.

Follow - Jesus Christ by serving our community and our world.

Grow - Continually in our faith by allowing the Spirit of God to work, so that we may reflect the character of Christ.

Investing in today's students is important to Community of Hope. We realize they are a vital part of the growing body of Christ. Our mission is to help them find their identity completely as  God's child, and empower them with the understanding that God wants  to use them today, not just someday.

Please contact Pastor Chris with any questions.. PCLeon225@gmail.com