Our Elev8 gathering for 6-8th grade takes place at 11:00 am on Sunday mornings during our second adult gathering.

Our Elev8 gathering for 9-12th grade takes place at 11:00 am on Sunday morning.

We also have other events going on throughout each month for Middle School and High School separately.  These events are all focused around the idea of “inward,” “outward,” and “upward.”  Inward events are ones that we as a group have to connect with one another, to form community.  These would be things like having lunch together, or playing dodge-ball.  These are the events we push our students to invite their friends to.  Outward events are those events that have a form of outreach attached to them.  These would include things like going to a nursing home and spending time with people, or going to serve at a food bank.  Lastly we have upward.  These events help up look towards God and begin to grow a relationship with Him.  These events include things like focus groups (bible studies), mission trips, camps, and retreats.   CHECK OUT OUR CALENDAR TO SEE WHAT IS COMING UP! 



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