Kids FAQ

Q. How is safety handled?

A.  We ask that you sign in your child(ren) in the check-in kiosk, and a name tag with number will print off for you.  Please place the tag with your child’s name on it. There is an additional tag that also prints out that has a coinciding number to the child’s tag.  If there is a need that arises, we will flash that number on the screen in the auditorium to ask that you return to your child’s classroom. We will require that the number tag be returned with whoever is picking up your child to release them from the room. We have a volunteer stationed at the registration desk who also monitors the halls to alert of any person not authorized to be in the children’s area during service.

Please alert the classroom volunteer of any allergies or snacks your child can not have.

Q.  How can we help with a smooth transition for our children?

A.  We would ask that you leave your children at the door with the classroom volunteer as they will get them involved quickly in the classroom activity helping to alleviate anxiety in your child. If you want to check on them, please ask the registration desk volunteer to do this, so that your child does not see you and become upset. Bring any sippy cups, diapers, etc..that your child may need to sooth themselves in your absence. Snacks are provided.

Q.  How do you handle illness?

A.  If your child has had a fever or had diarrhea in the last 24 hours we ask that you not leave them in the classroom. If your child shows any of the signs while in the classroom, we will request that you return to the classroom and pick up your child.

Q.  Can we put all of our children in the same classroom or in a classroom with a friend?

A.  Our classroom curriculum is set up to be age specific. Just as your child’s classroom during the school week. We recommend that each of your children attend their respective age appropriate class so that each one of them may grow in their walk with Christ.

Q.  How do you teach service to others?

A.  We offer various activities of outreach to the local community that you and your family can get involved in and model service to your children.

Children’s ministry also takes a tithe each week and this money goes toward sponsorship of two children from Food For The Hungry. One of the children is a girl from the Dominican Republic and the other is a boy from Ethiopia. We pray for these children and also we send letters back and forth to them. Our money goes to send them to school and help with healthcare and general living assistance for them and their families.

You and your family can also get involved in bringing in various food each month to assist in stocking the F.O.R Maricopa food bank to help those in need in our community.

Q.  How can we get more involved?

A.  We have many opportunities to volunteer in the spiritual development of children’s lives: registration desk volunteer, classroom assistant and lead, special event volunteer, and community outreach events. Our contact information is in this brochure or see us on Sunday mornings.

Q.  How can I continue the conversation of what my child learns on Sunday mornings?  

A.  We send home Parent CUE card every Sunday to keep conversation rolling of what your child is learning throughout the week.