[Live by Faith] – To live by faith means to Love God.

For us to live the life that we are created to live, we must remain connected to the source of all power. That power is found in the One who created us. Jesus reminds us that He is that power; that he is the vine and we are the branches, if we remain in him we will have life. If we stay connected, we will produce the fruit of life. This Fruit is known by our love.

Our Sunday gatherings help us connect to God through worship. This is done though music, reading of the scriptures, teaching, and prayer, encounters of the senses, rituals, sights, sounds, and smells. Our connection with God comes through a variety of ways. Our Sunday mornings are purposefully designed to give everyone a chance to have space to encounter God in the way that best fits them. We also encourage you to seek God in your everyday life. This is done in nature, in relationships, in reading the scriptures and in prayer. Our connection with God is our source of power and strength, and we need to remain connected on a daily basis. For more information about our Sunday morning gatherings please contact: info@cohmaricopa