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Vision: “To Connect People to the Hope of Jesus”
Mission:  “Love God, Love Others, Live Out”
Story: Our hope is that we find ourselves in our own story and bigger story of God. To find freedom to live the amazing story that God created us to live.

“The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full!” – Jesus

We believe Through the grace of God, and His Son Jesus, all can find abundant, free life.

We believe that Jesus, the son of God, came and lived among us, died on the cross for us, and rose from the grave to give us life.  All of this leads to what Jesus called an abundant life, or a better life than we have ever dreamed of.  John 10:10

We do not believe that this life comes without pain, trouble, or hurts.  Jesus himself was crucified to the cross for us.

We do believe that if we follow Jesus, he will do as promised, and see us through these times and direct us towards this kind of life. Although He was crucified and dead, he rose again to give us this promise of life.

We believe that Jesus is our only leader in this world, and we strive to become followers of the Way of Life, that Jesus came to earth to give us.  We believe that finding this free life, is found in following the teachings, and the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus clearly tells us that the only way to this free life is through him. He is the Way, The Truth, and The Life! John 14:6

Jesus says that the truth would set us free. John 8:32  Finding that truth comes by following the way of Jesus, which us ultimately about “living sent”

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